Ultrasound is the name given to sound waves that have frequencies greater than 20,000HZ. Ultrasound is a therapy used by physiotherapists to increase the rate of tissue healing, to treat chronic inflammation and other fibrotic conditions, and for pain management. Ultrasound treatment should not cause pain.  It can be thermal, which means the tissues will be heated, or athermal, meaning no heat will be applied to the tissues.

Ultrasound is used to:
• break up scar tissue and adhesions
• reduce inflammation, swelling and calcium deposits
• create a deep heat to a localized area to ease muscle spasms (much deeper than can be achieved with a hot pack – up to 5 cm)
• increase soft tissue extensibility prior to stretching and exercise
• facilitate healing at the cellular level
• speeds metabolism and improves blood flow
• reduces nerve root irritation
• at low intensities can speed bone healing
• enhance transcutaneous drug delivery by phonophoresis

The  Shock Wave Therapy is normally given over three sessions on a weekly basis.  Each treatment requires 2500 shockwaves to the affected area.  It is a relatively new treatment for foot pathologies but has been used in joint pain for many years, here are fewer complications of ESWT when compared to surgical intervention and recovery from treatment is immediate.
In addition:  no anaesthetic required,  no medication to treat required, fast treatment times – 30 minutes a session, virtually painless after the treatment, significant benefit seen after 6-8 weeks post treatment
Please feel free to contact us now to discuss Shockwave Therapy, it could be extremely beneficial to your condition.


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