Manipulation is the application of a high velocity thrust to a specific joint, usually in the spine, and is often characterised by an audible click or cracking sound.

Research has shown manipulation to be effective in the treatment of spinal pain especially when used in conjunction with other modalities such as acupuncture, mobilisations and exercise based programs.

A manipulative procedure will only be performed following a thorough medical history and physical examination, and where the clinical presentation indicates such an intervention

Thrust treatment, is a short thrust, performed at the end of your available range of movement. This approach is often used to break down scar tissue/adhesions, remove a blockage in the joint and to restore full joint movement. Often used following heat, massage or mobilisation in order to relax the tissues optimally prior to manipulation. Our Physiotherapy team are skilled in the performance of specific manipulative techniques as part of your treatment programme. Physiotherapists can use a controlled amount of force to move the surfaces of a joint in relation to each other. Mobilisation is the passive movement, oscillation or sustained stretch of a joint within a physiological movement or accessory movement. A manipulation is a sudden movement, of small amplitude at a joint.

The manipulation or mobilisation of a joint lubricates the joint through a ‘synovial sweep’ mechanism and can help to relax muscle spasm. Gentle mobilisations are used for pain relief while more forceful, deeper mobilisations are effective for decreasing joint stiffness and increasing range of movement.

Manipulation and mobilisation are very effective means of treating and assessing a wide variety of conditions especially spinal and peripheral joint pain and stiffness


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