Oakwood Physiotherapy Practice now has the only AlterG Via (Anti-Gravity Treadmill) in Nottinghamshire and one of only two in this country and it is now available for everyone to use.

The Via (AlterG®) is the latest advancement in body weight supported therapy and uses integrated Stride Smart Technology giving real time biomechanical feed back to the client whilst allowing them to run or walk naturally at their desired speed with reduced levels of body weight offering low impact through each step.

The All new AlterG uses Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology to upwardly support your body weight allowing for a pain free environment.

Prices start at around £25 per session.

alterg anti gravity treadmill

The real time Integral gait analysis system is used to measure gravitational load and provide simplified visual feedback on gait symmetry, cadence, stride length and weight distribution through each leg with recordable pain levels.

Patients returning from surgery or anyone wanting to reduce impact through their joints can now run or walk for extended periods of time without the pain associated with repeated joint loading.

The AlterG Via is available to anyone after they have had an initial introduction with our sports scientist Ryan and then they are free to just turn up and run or pre-book session packages with or without assistance.

Prices start at around £25 per session.